Your Favorite Action Movies Brought To The Gaming World

tablet with movies on the screen

The realm of video gaming has taken a number of leaps and jumps, thereby cascading the famous action films into your favorite action games for your PC and Xbox 360. These games give you all the pleasure of revisiting the experience of the film over and over again, as you get to glorify your achievements, playing the protagonist in the game.

Your Favorite Action Movies Brought To The Gaming World

Kayne & Lynch

These games give you with rich 3D graphical theme and, are designed exquisitely to give you the enigmatic big screen experience. These games are also equally great when made into films. Kayne & Lynch series is a famous video game that’s made into movies and undoubtedly the exotic, dramatic and fiery graphics and visual effects of the movies have to match the unbeatable standards of the gaming versions. Unleashing your height of madness and crudeness, Kayne & Lynch definitely has some exciting moves up its sleeves.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia series is another famous game, where the Forgotten Sands version is made into an enticing movie that will grab your attention and keep you glued to the screen throughout the movie as the scary mystery unfolds from behind the sands of time. Angelina Jolie ‘s blockbuster movie the Tomb Raider is also another great movie that was converted into an online casino slot game.


Another name that sends a chill down every video game lover’s spine is Underworld. When the game was made into a movie, the Underworld version displayed rich graphics and an awesome story line of the raging battle between the vampires and the werewolves, dating back thousands of centuries. Having stepped into the modern era, the battle agendas, munitions and the scoreboard leaders have changed.


The only thing that’s remained same is the heinous truth that gave birth to the whole conflict. Victor’s undying efforts to stop the coming of a mixed breed into the world to tower on the vampires, for which he even went the extra mile to kill his own daughter.

Resident Evil

The biggest favorite among the action games made into movies is the Resident Evil series that give way to some of the scariest zombies every time and introduce the wackiest of the action stunts and ammunition for the protagonists. The gawky zombies look as ugly as ever and every time the villainous Umbrella Corp comes up with trickier plans against Alice, the hero of the story.