Why Movies Like WALL-E Are So Relevant

WALL-E Disney

Now more than ever, waste management issues and how we deal with the continued increase of waste that mankind are generating could not be more current and important. Here at Monster Movies, we feel that movies such as WALL-E are key in raising awareness of this rising issue to our younger generation in a relatable and easy to understand way.  


WALL-E The Movie

Set in the not so far future, a little waste-collecting robot named WALL-E unintentionally sets out on a journey through space, his actions will decide the fate of the human race. The storyline tells of how mankind have neglected the world and its environment so badly, with such high levels of waste that they have decided to abandoned earth and a single robot has been left to begin to clear up the mountains of trash.

The Real World

Waste, waste and more waste. The overall total of waste in the world is humungous – We produce a whopping 2.12 billion tons of trash globally every year. And yes, some of man kinds waste is recycled, but the reality is that a lot more is merely dumped, having an effect on the human race and the natural world around us.

Mounds Of Rubbish

A Dump Site

What’s Being Done?

Finally, waste management issues have moved forward in importance for many individual and also larger corporations. People are slowly coming to realise that the issue is real and that this sort of level of waste globally cannot continue. Companies such as Averda in South Africa, are making it their mission to become the most innovative and most adventurous waste company in the emerging world, they are a Waste Management company with a vision to create a cleaner world and better lives.


Movies such as WALL-E are a great way to push this truly important message, and bring to light that our environment and living conditions as we know them, will not continue, unless we begin to make some drastic changes.

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