Why A Movie Day Can Be Great For Your Health

A Cosy Lounge

These days we have such busy lives, whether its high pressured jobs, demanding social lives, or busy family schedules it can be so hard to just stop and take an easy day of doing very little. But if we give in, and take the time off to enjoy a day of rest with a good movie we will be sure to reap the fantastic rewards.

Relax- Take Time Out

If it’s the whole or just half a day, a simple session of just sitting back, getting into cosy clothes in the comfort of your own home and watching a great movie can be great for your well being. It allows you to have some good quality down time and enjoy an afternoon without the stress and heaviness of everyday life. So when you head back to work you have a positive attitude with the support of colleagues with good Mental Health Training.

Ladies Slippers

Spotty Slippers


A New Focus

A gripping movie can often be the perfect way to grab your focus and you will find it almost impossible to think about anything but the fabulous story line and where the plot may lead. We can often find it hard to switch are minds off, whether it’s from planning, worrying or organizing our week. A movie day is great to just give yourself that mental break.

Sign -Please Do Not Disturb

Please Do Not Disturb Sign


A Good Laugh Or Cry

Many people will relate to having emotion cooped up and allow it to build instead of letting it out – but this is not good for our mental health. A great laugh-out-loud movie or a real tear jerker can be a fabulous way to let out these feelings, so grab the tissues and The Notebook or prepare for a belly laugh with The Hangover Movie.

Laughing Lady

Woman Laughing


There it is, just a small selection of reason to give yourself that much needed day off, pop on a good movie and relax. Not only will your body feel rested and reset afterwards, but your mind will have also been given that much needed break.