We Need Cyber Security In The Film Industry

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This digital age has progressed at such an expansive rate that it would seem if we don’t keep up, then we are well and truly buggered. 10 years ago, never did i think that I would be relating such a faculty to Cyber Security but what is even more shocking, those more qualified than I, do not seem to understand the dangers of not having the proper protection implemented for personal information. Here is why we need Cyber Security in The Film Industry.

Did We Even Consider How Episodes of Game of Thrones Were Leaked Last Year?

Consider what it would have taken to infiltrate HBO’s online data domain and simply pluck out a few un-aired episodes of Game of Thrones. For the die hard onlookers this was simply revolutionary but if we were to take a second look and strip it back for what it was; someone breached the information of another company and show boasted their skills by leaking the most popular programme that has ever existed and i they can do that, what else can they do?

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Movie Budgets

it is understandable that a firm covering the costs of a budget find paying extra for Cyber Security Insurance a bitter pill to swallow especially when the costs may very well be far beyond the bracket of what they can offload. But as is recognised, this is a very real threat and over the years we have seen changes in the movie credits that was not there in previous years – A data wrangler and a deep digital imaging technologist. They were not there before because there wasn’t any data to manage, at least not in the digital sense. You can almost bet your last penny that very soon you will see “Security Wrangler” or that of a different terminology. Quite simply because we now need it.

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But Why Does This Matter To Us

Of course we do not fork out for these budgets directly, but as movie lovers and as I would assume, moral human beings; Cyber Crime is not only a sign of what could easily happen to us it is sucking the life out of our adrenaline packed anticipation with needless spoilers. This anticipation is what keeps the movie industry thriving and evolving. If there is nothing to look forward to, if the future blockbuster has already been released by the seedy hands of cyber criminals and online hackers, those covering the budget for our most beloved films will no longer want to endeavour against the risks.

This is Also a Reflection on Our Own Businesses

If it can happen to the movie guys then it can most certainly happen to our own businesses and indeed it does! Hackers stole a total of £130bn from consumers in the UK last year. A mind blowing figure of 17 millions Brits were effected by cyber crime. The consequence of  this is usually irreversible, most brands cannot survive being so badly tarnished. Little people are turning to experts such as PGI implement Cyber Security Services that protect your finances, personal data and information of your clients and as a result, your brand is also protected. Penetration Testing on your online domain will give you a clear indication of the chinks in your online armour and what it is you can do to remain safe. Sounds like a pretty obvious precaution to take, perhaps the film industry also need to consider this!

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