Three Great Times For The Kids To Enjoy A Movie

Sweet Popcorn

More than often our children are busy running around, being creative or playing; entertaining themselves with fun activities. However, there is sometimes an occasion when the kids are more than happy to watch a great movie. Here are three ideal times for the kids to enjoy a fun film.


In The Car

“Are we there yet?” The sentence that as parents we have heard so many times. A long car journey to a holiday destination or to visit the grandparents can be boring for children. They can become restless, needing something to catch their attention. Having a movie ready for them to watch is perfect, it will mean they have a lovely journey enjoying one of their favourite Disney movies whilst you have a peaceful and easy drive.

A section of map

A Map


On A Chilly Winters Day

During the winter months we occasionally have those days when the weather is so cold and uninviting that its best to just keep the kids indoors. A brilliant excuse for an iPad movie session, tucked up all cosy on the couch with a pair of soft Kids Headphones to keep their head and ears toasty too – Snuggly Rascals provide ultra comfortable headphone for children, with a head warmer design with fun colors and characters, perfect for the little ones.

Cosy socks and a warm drink

Warm Clothing


Outdoor Cinema

A brilliant experience for the children is an outdoor cinema evening. More of a rarity these days, it is a lovely opportunity for you and the kids to enjoy something a bit different. Whether it’s a roof top movie on comfy been bags or the drive-in theater, the kids are guaranteed to love this cool experience.

Cinema Bean Bags

Colorful Bean Bags


If your children love watching and singing along to brilliant movies, then here are three perfect occasions to allow them to do just that. It’s a great excuse for them to relax and have down time after all that fun and play.

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