The 3 Best Chick Flicks Of All Time

Three friends together

So this one is for the ladies! Who else can agree that a night at home with the girls, a good movie and a bottle of wine is well up there on the best way to spend an evening? Okay, we know it’s not cool, and some may judge as we sniffle into our ice-cream and open up the third bottle of wine. But by the end of those chick flick movies you are guaranteed to have a smile on your face as you go all cutesy over true love. It’s been difficult but we have managed to whittle it down to just three sensation movies. Three Chick Flicks that every woman must watch!



The first thoughts of any woman who has watched this movie will be straight to that scene ‘You’re really doing it aren’t you, your shi**ing in the street’. When watching this movie, it’s almost impossible not to assign each of your girlfriends to their suited character. What’s most brilliant about this movie is how truly relatable it is; guaranteed to have you in absolute stitches from scene to scene with its amazing comical cast, this film is right up there on our chick flick must watch.


The Holiday

Not measured as a ‘critically-acclaimed’ movie; with an undesirable 47% on Rotten Tomatoes – Okay yes, the dialogue is often cringe worthy and the romantic circumstances are far from believable. And yet, I, like so many other women, just cannot battle through our pure movie admiration. Could it be the beautiful scenery and homes? The Music? Jude Law? The little dog? Who knows, all that is clear is that in our eyes, it’s a winner every time!


The Notebook

Probably top of the list for every girls go-to movie. It has all the ingredients for a perfect tragic-romantic movie sensation.  The poor guy, the rich girl, true love, departure, drama, the other guy, and of course a happy ending (Awwwwww). But they didn’t stop there, you then receive the fabulous revelation at the end of the movie. This film for many women was also their introduction into the world of being insanely in love with Ryan Gosling.


Next time your planning a girl’s evenings in or even a solo sobbing, gasping and laughing experience then here are 3 fabulous picks that will tick all those chick flick boxes.