How To Build A Makeshift Smartphone Movie Projector

A Movie Projector

This simple projector does an amazing job and can be made easily using a few basic house hold scraps. It is a lot of fun, a great little arts and crafts session with a brilliant outcome!


– A shoebox

– A magnifying lens

– Your smartphone

– A foam board

– Glue stick

– PVA Glue


– A ruler

– A paperknife

– A glue-gun

-A hacksaw

Basic Glue Gun

A Glue Gun


1 –  Take off the handle

Taking great care, with the hacksaw cut off the plastic handle part of the magnifying glass.

2 – Reinforce the Box

Make the box stronger by sticking the flaps and corners of the box using the PVA glue. This will stop the projector from moving or collapsing. Then allow to dry.

3-  Making the Lens

Move your box into an upright position. Put the lens on top of the box, making sure it is central. Then simply use a pencil to draw around the circumference.

4 – Cut a hole

Using a knife, cut around the line then pop out the inner circle.

5 –  Position the lens

Place the lens inside the box and glue over the hole. Ensuring not to get any glue or smudges on the lens.

6 – Cut off the extra card

Take the lid of the shoe box and carefully cut out a semi-circle to allow it to sit on top perfectly and not cover the lens.

7 – The phone stand

Build a phone stand by using a piece of foam board. This will allow your phone to sit at the right position for the image to be shone through the lens.

8 – Mount your phone

Place your phone on the stand and set to the maximum brightness; more light means a brighter projection. Position the phone stand so that the image is clear and can be seen on the wall.

Watching a movie and eating popcorn

Eating popcorn and watching a movie

So there you have it! Your own DIY movie projector. Grab your popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy your new home cinema experience.