Great Interior Design Tips For Your Home Theatre

lady watching movies and eat popcorn

Perhaps this articles is already calling to the men more than it is to the ladies but we know a few “gals” who supremely excited by the idea of a surround sound system and  home theater as well. Lets be honest, nothing quite beats transforming your living room into your personal cinema or even allocating a room! You are only limited by your own imagination but just in case you are looking for a quick head start; here are great interior design tips for your home theater.

Great Interior Design Tips For Your Home Theater

  1. Loud and Proud

    One idea is to be overly proud with your speaker set ups, especially if you have some high quality speakers. Rather than making them look like they belong, let them stand out like a saw thumb and impress all your friends with your surround sound system. If you are on a budget and have a room to allocate you can use the modern DIY/ slightly under decorated theme to create the setting.

    old tv and speakers

    Home cinema

  2. Match the Room

    Pretty much the opposite from loud and proud is of course making your surround sound system match the room and not just compliment your decoration but actually contribute to the overall look. To do this you will have to find a speaker design which matches and even be mindful of color and shape. For example a white and open room might suite a lighter colored speaker which also has rounder edges.

    old speaker

    matching the room with your speakers

  3. Warm and Cuddly

    You can build your home theater around you seating arrangements also! One great way to do this is to have your sofa smack bang in the middle of the room, away from all the walls, as if everything is organised for that sofa and your position on it. This is also a very dramatic set up to watch your movies!


    nice warm front room to watch movies

  4. Make it All About Theater

    Quit simply, go nuts! Add posters of all the great films, get a popcorn machine, literally turn the room into a cinema!


    home cinema and home theater

  5. Bean Bags

    Lets face it, seating arrangements that are also incredibly inviting can get expensive. One way to combat extra expenses is to get hold of beanbags instead. Everyone loves to be slouched whilst watching a movie and very few sofa’s do that as well as a beanbag!

    dog sleeping on hard chair

    make sure you are comfortable

  6. Turn to an Interior Designer

    5 minutes with  a decent interior design will give them enough information to know exactly what it is you are after. You Interior Designer will be able to plan budget and put your personality into the decoration. This is far more efficient if you find you don’t have time. Definitely check out Interior Designers like Lisa Bradburn who was recently awarded Best Country Home Interior Designer 2018 (South England) by Build magazine and Best Country Home Interior Design Practice 2019 – Southern England by LUX – Life

Make sure you don’t miss out on your goal to create the ultimate home cinema and if you find you are stuck then turn back to these awesome Interior Design Tips for Your Home Theater!