Monster House Chronicles – THE CARPET

“Lookie here boy!”

I hate it when my mother talks to me that way, even more so, a friend.

It agitates me, and I can’t tell you how many times I get that on the set.

Yes, as someone that is responsible for overseeing the set, making sure everything is peachy, and that everyone is satisfied I dislike not living to my fullest potential.

Don’t you ever get that feeling that you do your best, but then, “Oops, I forgot that one thing.” -__-

That’s what happened to me this weekend when I was on the set, and well… We needed the carpet cleaned because TIM spilt his coffee all over the place. Fortunately for us, my boy Andrew over in Humble FIXED the entire situation. You can learn more about him at VT Carpet Cleaning Humble.

Anyhow, so I was agitated because “Big Bertha” as I like to call her went and started talking that stuff and I knew that she would not let me down.

You see, I exposed to her that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and well she never gave me a days rest after that.

That and well we were about to be on set in about an hour I desperately needed the carpet cleaned.


So, today’s shoot was all about the house disappearing. You know how everything’s all perfect one day, and the all of a sudden thunder comes on? Well, the thunder signifies the coming terror about to take place, or the downfall, or something ominous.

I learned about context clues back while I was in high school, and my English teacher decided to reveal the magic behind the movie theatres. Hence why movies never surprised her much, I guess…

Nowadays I’m there watching it all take place, and it is wonderful, but it detracts from what I watch on the big screen. I mean, I know exactly what will happen, you know?

Pro tip: If you ever get into the movie business you will hardly be surprised when watching the movie you helped to create – just saying.

Will catch you next time,

– Mucho Amor.

The Parking Lot of Our Next Location Was A Hot Mess!

Just the other day I was walking through the parking lot with a few of my colleagues and I took notice what a hot mess it was. It was absolutely not beautiful. I was actually really frustrated by this as I noticed the dark stains on the concrete, the trash moving ungracefully through the air, and the look of a unkempt lot.

You see, I’m a pretty picky person and I like my things a certain way. Even more so, I like to set a series of experiences that lead up to an ultimate day – THE ultimate day. Every day I start of with my personal affirmations in a very loud way, my prayer with absolute emotional intensity, and of course my reading and audio.

As I drive in my car I no longer listen to music, but I listen to other people in my field that are crushing it and have a vision to serve more people through films – it’s awesome!

When I walk on my set to work it has to be absolutely stellar! It just has to, because it sets the mood and its a series of events leading to our team’s ULTIMATE experience. Here’s what I personally have done to change all of this:

In Houston there are three major power washing services in different cities located near us, and fortunately our friend, Andrew Thompson, services these three areas. Now, why do I mention Andrew above everyone else? He’s the most consistent, and persistent and is able to do what he needs to do quickly. One of this power washing services lies in Houston, Texas and we have used him extensively because of how close that side of his business is to us.

His other two are:

The reason why I wanted to give Andrew a shout out is because of the sheer fact that we’ve been using him for years and his dedication to the best service is the best out there bar none.

Now, let me tell you what happened after contracting him for this parking lot. I walk outside the same day we spoke with Andrew and the parking lot was brilliant. Not only did I walk out of the set feeling extremely awesome, but the way back home was awesome as well.

Power washing a parking lot is just one of the many things we can contract someone for during a film production. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be covering much more, and these entries will become more intense as a result of the process. I look forward to keeping you updated and we will speak soon.

– Regina

Behind the Scenes of Monster House

At we will be covering what happens behind the scenes. What we mean by this is that we will be discussing the marketing, production, cleaning, and everything involved in making any movie.

What’s interesting is that there was a previous movie named Monster House, however, we will be covering all kinds of movies as they all have different budgets, requirements, and needs.

Why have we decided to document all of this?

We wanted to give people that are considering a career in movie production a 3,000 foot overview of everything involved. There’s firefighters, police officers, make up artists, designers, marketers, copywriters, power washers, and so much more. This is the part of the movie industry that really fires me up because making a movie is a team effort. Where on person is missing the whole body suffers, but when everyone plays their part the whole body of the movie becomes beautiful and efficient.

Essentially, this blog will be all about what goes on to make a movie happen, which isn’t really documented nowadays. You see, what most people see in a movie theater is the finished product, the cake. Making a movie is a lot like baking a cake, and if you’re on the receiving end of that cake you will only find its delicious nature.

Take a look at a prime case example below:

What you must know is that when it comes to making a movie is that there is flour to be blended with eggs, sugar, milk, and everything else. Even more so, it’s to be baked and then cooled once taken out of the oven. That’s what is all about.

We hope that as you continue to come back for more relevant information you will receive a greater insight of the movie industry, and it is our hope that we inspire you to pursue a career in baking a cake worth indulging in. :-)